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Friday, August 31, 2007

hur hurs was in school since 830 on thurs morn for lessons. Prof yuen s jus so funny. she s full of funny 1-liners. me wong n justin were early!! given tt we went for tau huay the night before. hur hurs. the rochor tauhuay is duper yummy. i had the butterfly fritter with tauhuayzhui. but i had them from the not-so-famous stall beside rochor beancurd.for those who still dont't know. these 2 stalls are opened by brothers. they learnt the art of soy cooking from their mother since young bu whom has since passed away. they thn split up due to various issues and open a stall side by side, selling exactly the same foodstuffs or more. i personally prefer the non-famous one. see. for the famous one, they got so much popularity that it is possible they compromised on their quality. and since the non famous one has a much shorter or no queue, wad more can i ask for? (:

then after MA went for meetin w prof at SESS. then had meetin w marketing group.omg my mktg group rock socks laaa. we re gonna be doing on CONDOMS. hur hur hurs. friggin funny. huzer is a really entertaining guy. he shud be hired to be a comedian. hahas quite a fruitful discussion. after that, i went off to go home to change. and quickly went over to faceworks. mum signed me for a makeup and hairdo. hur hurs. cos its freshmen bash that night. and i was like invited to be one of the judges. yarpp. the make up turned out rather well! (: didnt make me look too old for once. but the hair kinda did that for me. boo. but oh wells its all in the name of fun. met benny after that! THE bday boy. hee he changed the venue for his celebration to MOS. easier for everyone he says. we had dinner at nectarie!! this bright and cheery place near the taxi stand. actually i was frantically lookin for a casual but nice place for a bdae treat dinner since i tot i was running late. thn nectarie appeared. perfecto. the whole decor of the place is very much alfresco. with a dessert display fridge inside as well as the sandwich bar. the walls of the cafe is transparent. so it gives a very open and carefree feeling.

we ordered a set meal to share since we were both not very hungy. the set meal's really worth it! like $15 for soup of the day, breakfast tea/coffee, choice of dessert, as well as a sandwich. its real nice seein benny after so long. hardly see him arnd in sch. somemore he s still teachin at ac barker. that boy s cool larh. won some award for best teacher in sec1 &2. proud of u benny!

the soup and the tea came first.

the soup was nice! could taste whole chunks of mushroom. and the portion was jus right. the breakfast tea was jus normal. tho the novelty of it is that it is served in those cylindrical instrument. hur hurs. rather neat way of presentation. (:

then the main came. smoke salmon with egg mayo on multigrain bread. the sandwich is awesome. the smoke salmon with egg mayo tasted fresh and good! didnt really tot of mixin the two together before. yarpps. the side garden salad was nice as well. i liked the sourness of the vinaigrette. over dinner, talked to benny about sch & all. realised as year2s. we ve really grown up. no longer bothering about whether sch s fun or whatever. all we wan is jus to absorb in learning and get a good degree. he s been rather busy with law as well. heard bout the monstrous loads of readings. oh wells. after the mains, we called for dessert. we can choose from mango mousse cake, chocolate cake with coconut mousse, the irish cream cake, or the choc truffle cake.

feeling adventurous, we took the one with the coconut mousse. and it turned out very nice! it has a layer of coconut mousse sandwiched between 2 layers of choco cake and it is topped with another layer of dark chocolate. then it has a white choc pc of decor and raspberry jam on the side. i requested for a lit candle since its benny s bdae! (: real nice service staff u have over at nectarie. they gladly helped me and even took photos for us. the dinner experience was wunnerful tho it was rather short.

then the pageant started. i was with prof margaret chan, prof low aikmeng, some rep from the sponsors as judges. for the girls, alicia won both Miss SMU as well as Miss Photogenic. as for the guys, Mark won the 2 awards. its rather fun! since its Ben's bdae and he ordered drinks for everyone and all. i got kinda high on that one. rahhh. but glad i saw so many frens! wong, justin, alicia, yolkies!jialing, jingmin, clara, robin, mindy, judith, gordon, jerry, alex, and many many others. omg. luckily my brudder came over to fetch me after the fun. else i d ve ended up dunno where.

for those who want the peektures u can link from here (:

BlkC, The Cannery
#01-05, River Valley Road
Clarke Quay
tel: 63056728


Thursday, August 30, 2007

alrightt. went to school ydae basically for.GYM.and.GYM.and.GYM. omg. met yangwei justin & alicia for gym ydae! beeen long since i exercised with them. hee hee. real glad i did. YARP (: like 4 of us hangin out & all. uber cool larh. thn jus kept laughin at randoms. very entertaining. and i concluded sch gym equipment are so much better!! think all the machines re darn cool. never really explored using them till ydae. -beams-

AND so i tot i d be late for counselling duty. rushed all the way to baathe and stuff. WHO KNOWS. the wellness centre s closed!! unbelievable. so embarrassing. realised that we are supposed to start duty only next week!! AHHH. help. anws. thn went back gym to wait for them to finish gymming. thn headed to frujch to chill. my my. frujch has weird people. like weird couples making out under broad beam lights. RAH. but frujch s new menu was nice! had interesting & quirky names to boost their food items. justin & yangwei ate. while me & alicia jus chilled and waited. thn i left to meet nasir while they went off for dinner. hee. i finally got reimbursements from BSM back! (: saw a few of the BSM ppl. sorta miss them eh. SOMEHOW. really. thn had to rush off to meet yolks. so didnt ve time to catch up with mich. anws its her bdae tom!! doubt she ll be reading this but i d wanna wish her here!! hope she ll have a fantastic year ahead & may all her aspirations be realised. (: -hugg

alright..rushed off to meet yolks at bugis! that silly girl was bummin arnd since 5ish! my my. she had interview for redbull job! cool beans lar. get to promote energy drinks. so apt for such an energetic girl like her. ppl please be nice to her okay!! (: decided to go thai. so ended up at Lerk Thai, this Thai eatery near Bugis Street. It was rather packed for a weekday night. and people were still coming in even though it was 8-ish. there was some promotion, for min spending of 20 bucks, there will be a tom yam soup that cost only 2 bucks. so we took that up! i ordered rice with olives & mince pork while yolks ordered tang hoon. the soup came first!

for a $2 bowl of tomyamsoup. the soup is nice! in fact, there were substantial amount of seafood inside. with squids, fish pieces, prawns. however, the broth is a little "thin" and they try to enhance the taste by adding more lemongrass and what not. which made the taste too overwhelming for such texture of soup. but of cos. its 2 bucks only. whats there to complain about?? (:

alright, then my olive rice came. forgot to take photo of it before the service staff helped to mix the ingredients up. it d have looked much prettier! but the smell of it was like PHWOAH-ly tempting. i love olive rice! sad thing is thai express dont wanna sell em to me. SOOO i decided not to eat olive rice at thai express ever. and here, Lerk Thai offers true blue authentic olive rice. they even mixed in cashew nuts, citrus lemon pieces, as well as chilli padi to suit my taste. i love how the cashew nuts, fried olives and minced pork mix so well with the rice. even yolks agreeed that the olive rice smelt good!! -thumbs up-. unfortunately, they didnt have a smaller size, else i d ve finished it up. but their portions are meant for family size of 3-4! SERIOUSLY. i was tryin my best to finish. but i really couldnt take it already. yolks's tanghoon came before my olive rice. her tang hoon is moist alright, but i think there isnt enough flavor in the dish. but yolks say its still alright larh. (: i guess the tanghoon should have been fried longer, with an egg inside as well. that will be delicious and u cant go too wrong with it.

real glad to catch up with her! told her abt my perceptions in life and all. and toked about people around us. hur hurs. anws. yarp!! we chatted till 9 lidat. thn zoomed off into bugis street to shop. i bot 5 tops! all vintage tops. whee. only 10 bucks per top. im happy!! (: thn went to scout for a dress. ended up buyin the one i was eyeing. its the one with purple dots. OR should i dress up black? it s the same right. AHHH

thn went off to sit down at some coffee shop. continue tokin to her till rather late.miss that girl larh.darn glad i met her last night hur hurs.

im gonna go sch soonish already. better catch some sleep.nights everyone!

Lerk Thai
249 Victoria St (Bugis Village)
Singapore 188034
+65- 63393323
Opens 11am to 10pm daily


Monday, August 27, 2007

didnt have school ydae. but had proj meeting!! first ever one. for our intro to politics project. kinda cool la. met the josh and shieh yuan at the library. was q a fruitful discussion i must say. heee. thn rushed off to collect my cam from harbor front!! (: very happy. my screen s now scratch free and nice. wheee. after that went to the gym to work out. thn gave tuition near my house. wah christabelle s getting lazyyy. i d better push her more. TSK. kids these days. oh wells. after that met jerome for dinner! fetched him from timbre that side. and he wanted to show me this damn nice eating place. so i allowed him to direct me to old airport road hawker centre. boy its rather near sch!! (: by car of cos. haven met jerome for ages! good catchin up with him. he is flying off to taiwan soonish for field trip with his cadets i tink. so being the fickle minded us. we walked round and round the place. and i decided to go back to the first stall i spotted. Xin Mei Congee.

this congee stall is apparently rather famous, appearing in various reviews and television shows on Channel U. i was craving for something hot and runny. so porridge seemed like an apt choice. the queue was longgg. even though it was already 745pm. but i decided that good food is worth waiting for. after about 20 mins. i finally got to order my fish slice century egg porridge. jerome decided to eat fish beehoon jus a few stalls away. supposedly famous too! (: old airport road is a new gem.

what i like about xin mei is that they serve the youtiao whole. while usually porridge stalls give cut up ones. the you tiao complemented the porridge well. unfortunately, it was a tad too oily for my liking. the porridge is good though! whole pieces of fish is found and they are generous with the century egg helpings. they were also generous with the shallots and spring onions which added much flavour to the runny bowl of delight. id recommend this place for supper as the food is easy on the stomach and delicious at the same time. after dinner we just sat there to talk until late 9-ish. shared with him my experience in US and all. its really nice catchin up with good frens. knowing more about their lives and being involved in them. after that got a drink from GoGoBeanz. this soybean stall that make their soybean products fresh daily. i had the warm almond soymilk. its not bad! (: took one of their cards. realised they ve got branches at other markets as well.
yay! gonna go shopping with yolks tomorrow. wheee. cant wait.

Xin Mei Congee
Blk51 Old Airport Rd

Blk51 Old Airport Rd
Tel: 63446005


Sunday, August 26, 2007

great old sundays. nice weather to just chill all day longgg. had tuition at 10ish with christabelle. that girl s getting restless. hahas but somehow still adorable. as usual. gave her peektures and passages to prepare her for her oral examination for both languages tom. ha she was squabbling w her sis over her ipod. kinda reminded me of me & wilson. always pickin at each other over these minute stuffs. hur hurs

headed over to far coast to do my readings after that. reckon i wont do much at home. which holds true since i haven done much after i got back home. tsk tsk. procrastinator deserves to be spanked. hmmms far coast is a gem in town! like a quiet little place. it is located at international building, just across far east shoppin centre. used to be xuliushan, this dessert outlet that sells mango desserts. i got down to read my politics n all. about ideologies and political tendencies that evolved over the years.

this cosy cafe is really deserving of 2nd visits because of its convenient location, as well as its free wireless access. i ordered a cuppa pure brew ginger moon tea. its mildly sweetened and has a strong ginger taste of spices. yumm. just the right thing to have to warm my tummy before lunch. sadly for the business but gladly for me, there wasnt much of a crowd today which made it an even more conducive place for my readings. -beams-

was feeling hungry.. so headed off to order a cajun chicken & mango wrap as well as a old granny raisin scone with organic jam & cream. the wrap was mediocre, thought it was a tad oily and the wrap skin was too chewy for my liking. the filling is tasty though. I could taste the cajun chicken wholely. however, more mango pieces could have been added so that i know im eating a cajun chic & MANGO wrap. yuppes. the scone on the other hand, was lovely. it wasnt over baked and its crust crumbles to a right extent. once again, there could have been more raisins. but the jam made up for it. the organic jam served with it is great. it complemented the scone well! aights. overall a good experience today at far coast. will definitely visit it again. prolly for breakfast on a lazy sunday morning. (:

back to reading my psych book. im so gonna be psychic. hur hurs.

PS: i need a nice dress!! ): shall do abit of shopping tom.

Far Coast
adventure by the cup
International Building
360 Orchard Road
Singapore 238869


Saturday, August 25, 2007

ydae was CCA day! drove to sch to help out in the morn by drivin krish to PS to buy cloth. thn headed back for a while and had to go off for my intro to pol sci lesson. my prof s really a professional. he specialised in pol in China and has tonnes of knowledge about politics. had an interesting discussion about South African politics as well as evolutions of politics thru the years. after lesson i had to rush off to choir as there was a small performance at 330. gosh.every year CCA day will be the day SMU become its liveliest. seein all the year 1s signing up for the diff ccas, ccas going all out to promote themselves..blah blah. we performed well! (: and headed off to tend to the booth. kevin was real nice by being at the booth the whole time. we ve got like 70 plus ppl who signed up! well donee. the whole CCA day ended at 6 and we had to show our ACF night piece to the ACF ppl in charge at 7. was a really REALLY long day ydae. after that i was about to head home when krish suggested going dempsey!! i havent been there before and since everyone was hyped bout gg, i joined in too! drove 4 of em to dempsey and met the rest there.

we headed for P.S Cafe, which is the same one as the cafe at the Project Shop@ Paragon. for a friday night, the place was of course packed to the brim. reservations were running non-stop and we were slotted in 1.5 hrs later. goshh. but since we were too tired.lazy.nua. to move anywhere. we just sat at the waiting area. played some dummy games and all. managed to hang in there for nearly an hour and we finally got our seats! the whole place has a nice ambience, with cushion seats and ornaments. it is a perfect place to just chill out with your friends over the weekend night or share a speical moment with ur loved ones. i ordered the sting prawn salad as i wasnt really hungry. the portions were alright, but they could ve given more prawns. the dressing was tangy and the greens were fresh. and the prawns were absolutely delicious! they were really crunchy and juicy at the same time. then with pinenuts shattered amidst the greens, it adds a nutty flavor to the dressing. perfecto!

we were split into two tables, with me krish kenny & mabel on one table, and andrew, joshua, francesca, zhimin and ernest on the other. after dinner, we all squeezed with the other table and ordered desserts. there was the almond hazelnut with ice cream & cream puff as well as mudpie with marshmallow. both were very nice! however, the almond hazelnut could ve been more consumer-frenly. there are 2 thick layers of almond hazelnut sandwiched btw 2 layers of sponge cake. as quoted from Francesca, "eating this is like working at a construction site" haha basically we had to knock the almond hazelnut brick into pieces. made quite a mess outta it. gosh. but the taste of it was good.

after eating, we decided to play truth & truth. asked really censored stuffs larh. hahahas kenny la. started them all. hur hurs end up being the one with the dirty secrets. hahas left them halfway tho. to meet wong jus at the entrance of dempsey for some kickass durians!!!! (been refraining for quite some time cos i didnt wanna fall sick before performance). hahas true enuff. the durians are REALLY kickass. two of us ate a grand total of 4 durians!!! (: heee well done. kept cracking open to see if there are anymore seeds. was really a satisfying day. hur hurs. as many may already know, washing your hands with water in the durian husk will get rid of the stench on ur hands. till now, im still amazed by this unrefutable fact. hahas this fruit never fail to amaze me. whee lookin forward to a durian feast again.

aights. lotsa stuffs to do. readings hw. all piling up again. till the next discovery, ciaos!

PS Cafe
28 Harding Road
Tel: 90708782


Friday, August 24, 2007

alrighttt.. school finally started! first lesson was intro to psychology. wah when i first went into the class, there was no one i knew. seriously. most of them were year ones and somehow the rest I dont know them either. but after forming groups and all, gotta know a few of them. nice people! (: anws. intro to psych s interesting! hur hurs. at least i can get away from the usual biz stuff to go deeper into the human thinking process and behaviourial patterns. thn had mktg w wong n justin! our prof s hilarious larh. he s from korea, and he says jokes with a straight face. my my. laughed a shit load. thn ydae i had MA in the morn. w kat yuen. she s very nice too!! nice lady from hk. & she talks exactly like my dad. haha. after MA i plodded down to booklink to grab my books. its so frustrating that we are required to buy the latest editions, and when the next batch comes, they change the editions again. ARGHH overflowing of past textbooks at home. GRRS. met shimin & mervyl for lunch after that. decided to get abit away fr sch to eat. so we got down to Thai Express at Raffles City. I had eaten at other outlets a few times, and thought their phad thai was good. but... I love olive fried rice. and without fail. they always disappoint me. total of 3 times at different branches already. olive fried rice is quite the signature dish in Thai cuisine, and if Thai Express wants to capture Thai-food lovers like me, they d better do something about this soon. hur hurs. so i ordered the fried glass noodles with prawns.

the sight of it was alright, but when i dug into it, the glass noodles were dry and lumpy. there is no distinctive taste of the seasoning at all. I had to dap the noodles in the chilli powder at the side for it to even have flavour. the prawns did live up to what they state as "succulent". and they did give a substantial amount of them. overall the dish is not really recommended if you are looking at having good thai cuisine. However, their phad thai beef has somehow maintained their standards. for me, i will go Thai Express only for their phad thai in the future. i d rather call up jingmin to go Thai Noodle House anytime for their authentic thai cuisine (plus they ALWAYS have my olive rice)

yarps. chatted over lunch about school and all. Mervyl s like gonna graduate this dec. how fast. blahhh i still got like 3.5 yrs. well done. hur hurs. after lunch i headed to mr tea for a short while to grab my fav ginger marsala! (: never fail to be yummy. then met nasir and seok for OOPS! thn i had my counselling class. its fun! prof tim n tan are really passionate advocates for counselling. their visions and ideas did come into reality in the SMU Peer Helping programme. i hope i can equip myself with the necessary skills to help people around. whee i like my mods this term.

looking at all the freshmen in sch, kinda reminded me of how i was exactly like them last year. pretty nostalgic. moving on to year 2, its a different ball game. higher expectations (of self and from others), greater committments, more responsibilities. AHH. i realised. i grew up. its almost only ydae that i was still playing catching during recess in st margs, eating orange bowl with my frens back in st nicks. or ponning lectures to go coro to eat in HC. gosh. time really didnt wait for slowpokes like me. oh wells

aights gotta head to sch to set up booth for choir soonish. performance for CCA day today! (: ciaos.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
The Raffles Marketplace
Singapore 179103
Tel:65-6883 1490


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

this is not the real photo of the macarons i ate. but the best i can find from the net that looks similarly to those i bought! was really excited to meet loo after such a long while! met her at like 4-ish at wheelock to collect her mac stuffs thn we headed to bt timah area to source for dinner. me, her & benny were sup to cook at loo's house that night! benny suggested buying from swiss butchery at greenwood avenue, as they have readily marinated steaks to take home and instantly cook.

but i thought since we still had time, we can source around further. then, we chanced upon Choupinette! this authentic french bakery located jus next to coronation. it sells a wide variety of breads and french loaves. They also sell cakes in french portions, such as chocate hazelnut, classic cheesecake and so on. I went into the store, and inevitably, a box of macarons of diff flavors were staring at my face. ahhas i just couldnt resist. priced at $1.50 each, i thought it was abit expensive. nonetheless, since i have heard so much about macarons and have yet to try, i decided to give it a shot. i bought the hazelnut, chocolate, mandarin orange & raspberry flavored ones. the hazelnut one tasted abit like fererro rocher, while the chocolate one tasted too sweet. i liked the raspberry one the best. it has a spongy texture of raspberry with a layer of chocolate spread inside. very delightful.

besides selling baked goods, the place also whips up a variety of coffee and tea, as well as sandwiches for people to enjoy dining in. The place has cosy lightings and give customers a homely feel. This will be an excellent place for a lazy sunday brunch.

607 Bt Timah Rd
#01-01 S269708
Tel/Fax: 64660613
person of contact: Agnes Verrier
Mobile: 97694246


alrightttt!!! welcome to this new blog! (: & to a new sch semester ahead. GOSH. four months of hols. gone so fast!! ): duper reluctant to return to school. anyhow. i jus wish everyone all the best in the mods they re doing. summer hols was fantabulous!! i ve learnt so much during these 4 months that i cant ask for more.

1) Manila Recce Trip
2) HK summer trip
3) Manila OCIP 2007
4) BSM Silicon Valley 2007

that basically sums up my hols. sadly i set up this blog only now & im basically too lazy to blog about all the trips. i guess if u are close to me u ve probably heard all about em alr -winks- and in between these i of cos met up regularly with darlings like joyce, yolks, jies, leen, shux, xius, den, mel, eeli, and even ivana!!! its so funny. i havent seen ivana since 2005 end of year gathering. hur hurs. that s like ancient la. really miss those girls. times that i spend with them are always so endearing. (:

OF COURSE, i also met up with smu peeps from ALL over. yarpps. AND... im in choir now! (: really excited bout upcoming performances and we ve been rehearsing for q some time.hopefully we can get more intake from cca day! -beams-

this marks the start of a new acad year. and its gonna get real busy. seriously. but i guess amidst the hustle and bustle, i learn to appreciate simplicity even more. and enjoy the beauty of small things in life. such as having a home dinner with my mum, or spending a bit more time talking to my little brother, or just having some lone time on the roads or working out in the gym.cheers to a great year ahead!


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