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Friday, September 21, 2007

didnt have school on monday! hur hurs.but i had proj meeting. so went to sch anyway. hur hurs.ironies of having a 3-day lessons week. it doesnt work out somehow. thn gave tuition & met jingmin for dinner! havent seen that girl for q some time. as in gone out and catch up. both of us are like busy w different stuffs. but im glad we still made time to meet up. (: liyan s interning at Charcoal Restaurant, this continental-fusion cuisine place for SHATEC students to apply what they have learnt. based on my self-acclaimed geographical sense, we somehow stumble upon the restaurant after wondering around aimlessly, with no specific address. they have got dinner sets gg at $28nett and other ala carte items. liyan recommended a weekday to come and since jingmin likes tryin new stuffs too, decided to bring her there.

we were greeted by warm and friendly staff at the door, and they politely showed us to our seats. what i like about gg to restaurants like these is that you get rather good service. or should i say, willing good service. these students are passionate about what they are doing, and their service shows it all. we ordered two dinner sets each, and its was a 5-course italian cuisine dinner. i like it that they serve warm bread as a starter. ours was a tomato based bread roll that tasted good with the accompanying olive oil

first up was the tapas dish. it consists of 4 quaint lil looking foodstuffs. one was tomato w cheese sandwiched in between. one was parma honey ham(if im not wrong). one was a salsa mix on top of a biscuit crisp. the last one was a small portion of side salad. i liked the ham the most. it had the least condiments or sauces, but it tasted nice. the rest were alright.

the next dish was the soup. its supposed to be tomato based soup with vegetables i tink. however, i didnt really like it. the soup was not thick enough and the mushrooms floating around made the soup look unappetising. the side puff pastry stick was yummy tho. hur hurs. thn we were served a small serving of soursop sherbet to prepare us for the main course. (:

there was a choice between 2 main courses; duck leg with mash potato and seasonal vegetables, or squid ink frutti de mare. both of us ordered the duck as we were afraid of gettin stained teeth. however, i guess we made a mistake. the duck served looked nice and well cooked. sadly...my duck leg was not cooked properly and i had a tough time tryin to cut up the meat. not wanting to spoil the dinner, i jus pressed on in my quest to disintegrate meat so tough u ll never imagine them breaking apart. my efforts to finish the dinner was so ridiculous i had to make a suggestion upfront to the staff regarding the wellness of the dish. although mine was undercooked, jingmin's seemed alright, so i guess its jus me i hope. the mash potato at the side was not bad, with a really yummy sauce to go along. they also had a sweetened pear at the side. tt was rather refreshing as well.
finally, dessert is served. i tot the dessert was the highlight of the dinner. hahas i felt happy to see it nicely decorated and all. i liked the chocolate strawberry. dipped in both white and milk choc, the sourness of the fruit went well w the sweetness. the creme-like dessert is also flavored adequately in lavender essence. i must say i enjoyed the dessert the most for this meal. cheerios to the dessert chef! (:

me with the ever-so-nice-warm-and-friendly liyan. -beams- haven seen her for a long timeee

me with jm! (: we shud meet up on mondays more often.

Charcoal Restaurant
100 High Street
#01-03 The Treasury
Singapore 179434
Tel : 6338-2798
Fax : 6338-1373


Sunday, September 16, 2007

had choir this morn. almost couldnt wake up. YAWN. dragged myself outta house to school. this whole sch term is like a rat race. seriously. jus running arnd like nobody's business. gettin chased by expectations, goals, aspirations.its like running after ur own tail. while all these things are what u wanna achieve, they hunt you down in return. hur hurs. hilarious how we humans, superior beings, tolerate such acts of self-destruction. oh wells. but the point is. CHOIR s fun. so its diff fr all the draining meetings and hw we have and what not. its FUN. aights. thn had lunch w tiff ernest joshua @ Sun with Moon Japanese restaurant. ive been there countless times with daddy. but never lunched there before. decided to give it a try!! love Sun with Moon ever since the first time i tried it. its AWEEESOME. i wasnt previously aware of the set lunches. they re really worth it!!! we sat down, get amazed by their colorful and lustrous menu, with the photos of bentos, udons, soba, tempura, sashimi all staring at your face. irresistable. i tried their rainbow sushi before. its FANTASTIC. basically im happy with everythin i ate there before. (:
so four of us ordered four set lunches.

i ordered the gindara teriyaki set lunch. it consisted of cod fish that was slightly panfried, and drizzled with generous helpings of teriyaki sauce, a serving of mixed pickles, sashimi salad, fruit, miso soup, and a serving of fruits. i thought the gindara was excellent. the chef didnt not add much additional oil to pan fry it. thats cos the fish's natural store of fats that act as cooking oil. one surprise of this set was the sashimi salad.

this sashimi salad s no joke man. the dressing was saltish with black vinegar. the veggies re freashh.and the sashimi was good. somehow i never thot of a sashimi salsdd. well done! thn after eating the main course, we were rather full already.
but we still ordered a dessert each as well! hee hee i had the green tea tiramisu! (: very yummyy!! its rather light. and the blend of green tea powder with the green tea sponge cake is a refreshing end to a very yummy meal. BEAM. tiff ordered the tofu cheesecake. which i tried w daddy the last time he came. its nice too! not too heavy on the stomach.

and josh ordered the black sesame pudding

under me & tiff s high level persuasion. (: he didnt regret it of cos. hur hurs. stuffs that others ordered are like tiff's salmon sashimi w tempura set lunch.

joshua's was the unagi boiling egg hot pot set lunch. looks yummy too!

YAY. i shall return to sun with moon DEFINITELY.

Sun with Moon Japanese Fine Dining
Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road


Saturday, September 15, 2007

ydae was q funn! its friday. HUR. favouritest day of the week. get to relax after class. hahas. had engagin discussion during pol class. thn i was played out by bondue. GRRS sup to run for runabout. in the end..some irritating staff refuse to run. end up forfeit the team away.well done laaa. so i brot all my stuff for nth. thn i went for know-thy-major talk instead. omg the QF talk was like uberly hypnotising. so was the marketing one. expected much more from the marketing talk. OH WELL. i really wanna major in marketing. but the prospects in Singapore seem grim. its just hard to be a rung higher than others when all of you major in a general marketing degree. oh well. prolly go back hk to look for jobs instead. (: aight aight. after the talk. sup to meet yolkie dear. but she was still home. so hung arnd ice cold w yiwei & dah wakeboarders. jabriel was there too! haha always feel happy to see him. cos he REALLY resemble my brudder. & i dont see my brudder often. sooo i guess its like seeing my real brudder. (: thn they were so hilarious. hur hurs. the tap bottle thingy was like out of hand la. LITERALLY. aight aight. got down to bugis. yolkies bot a sweet lil ring for leen! so cute. thn we headed off to funan.

we were meeting ivan, daffy, colin & weylin at cafe del amigo. this french and continental bistro. opened by a jolly good mister called TOMMY!he s always smiley and happy. he & his wife oversee the operations of this restaurant to the finest details of serving regular customers. really impressed by their efforts. this place started in the 70s at the now non-existent Marco Polo Hotel in Tanglin, before moving to Orchard Specialist Centre. and now they moved to Funan the IT mall. its tucked away 2 shops down from Surf 'N' Turf on the 2nd level. (:

ivan was there first, followed by us, and the rest subsequently joined. the menu of the restaurant, interestingly, is just a paper booklet. really got the old school western restaurant kinda vibe eh. then they ve this BYO wine policy. where there s free corkage of wines! yumms. besides that, they ve got a hugggeeee range of reds & whites. dont ask me, im not an expert in wines. but coming from an amateur's point of view, i tink they do give customers a wideee range of wines to choose from. Tommy was nice enough to tell us about the wine that ivan bot for the table and it tasted great! i shant attempt to analyze the wine. but thanks ivan for the pours! (:

finally, Tommy's wife came by to take our orders. weylin & ivan ordered the wagyu beef that Tommy offered us in place of the Argentinian Beef we were originally there for. (sad but trueee. the AVA banned its entry. GRRS) weylin also ordered the breaded cheese. colin ordered the oxtail plus lobster brosque (which they re famous for by the way). thn i wanted sth light.so i went for the leng fish fillet. yolks ordered pork chop and daffy ordered the pork ribs with spags. (: on top of that, ivan ordered a side of fries. their fries came first. it tasted really different from the fries we get from macs! its like crispier but it is still soft inside. delicious.

my leng fish fillet was nice!! it had almond flakes with freshly cut pieces of tomato. the sauce is a slightly dilled butter sauce and the fish is lightly seared. the vegg on the sides were alright. but the fish s really fresh and good. the portion was just right for me too. but if it was for a guy, it may be a teeny wee small.

yolks porkchop looked good too! she gave it thumbs up. but she regretted not ordering the pork ribs spags. cos daff's dish really looked yummy. over dinner, we talked alot.about the different kinds of experiences we had overseas, with food, cooking, baking, all sorts, really interesting to hear stories of others' lives. (: & i really appreciate the fact that i got a chance to know these people. really wonderful people. yarp! thanks to all of u last night. i enjoyed myself.

to end off the meal on a sweet note, ivan had for us the icecream PX. omg. first time tryin that. its basically vanilla ice cream in PX wine. its really goood! like the combinations of sweetness from the 2 seemingly separate components was exceptionally surprising. i ll definitely go back for more.

sadly..their oven was down and they didnt sell the apple tart they re famous for. AHHH oh wells. shall come back for their desserts next time (: we stayed there to talk on & on. only me yolks daffy and ivan stayed on to tok. enjoyed their company tonnes. ks. thn Tommy's wife came by again. & offered a delectable spread of cheeses & crackers!! really nice of her. there was blue cheese, brie, and this buttery taste-like cheese. really yummy.

after dinner, we finally lugged our heavy tummies to timbre!! (: met leens & we listened to timmys play!! (: what a wonderful day. beams

Cafe de Amigo

French & Continental Bistro

Funan IT Mall #02-15

Tel : 6835 0238


Thursday, September 13, 2007

met jie on monday! like FINALLY. omg. super long never see him laaa. we always procrastinate in meetin each other. sadly. but i guess its kinda inevitable. like we can only expect that much given that we study in different schs n all. but still happy to be able to catch up with him la. n its jus like the old times. silly fun. that s the thing. yarpps met him at geylang. hur hurs. that place s getting on me man. i shall not go there again anytime soon. its kinda. urhh. dodgy. hahas anws. met him there at 7ish after my tuition. both of us drove! luckily its mon. not very crowded. went to revisit yong he company. the one that sells long long you tiao. yes! but this time. decided to try sth new. ordered the shao bing there. its niceee! (: had meat floss inside. and its crunchy & flaky! and its baked on the spot. quite yummy. i also ordered tea leaf egg! heee.its hot n nice. hur hurs.

then jie order his craved for orh lua meesua. hahas its nice! tink its like the traditional kind they have in taiwan. i tried abit. the broth is thick and seasoned. like u can taste the effort they put into boiling that broth. hurs. thn of cos. wads visiting geylang without eating DURIANS! hahas sheesh my durian craze s like persistent for darn long. hmms yarh chatted with jie for uber long. about everything. all updates. about each other. real happy for him & huiling. really. they re a very very nice couple -beams- we had the 3 for $20 durians. much better than the 3 for $10 ones i had that time (DUH..yaya price for quality i know). yarpps

ahhh. so much sch work s been recently piling up. staying back in sch till late and all. all becoming a routine. but i guess its just a point of perspective. in relativity to the working class ppl. guess we re in a sweet haven. all couped up and well-protected. oh wells. guess we jus gotta take things as they come. OH went curry flavour ydae! real good jap curry. hur hurs. more about it soon. gonna meet ivan daffy colin weylin for dinner tom! at cafe del amigo. looking forward to it (:

Saturday, September 08, 2007

met jialing for dinner on monday. like FINALLY! (: decided to try something different. so met at central! i saw that brightly lit restaurant from the outside right at the small corner. Pasta de Waraku. its this italian-japanese fusion restaurant that serves alot of pasta dishes. they have over 50 different kinds of pasta. each with their own unique taste. they have several different sauce bases to choose from, mainly cream base, tomato base, creamy tomato base, basil base, soup base and so on. they also serve baked food items. had a hectic day at school, rushing through my intro to politiks presentations and all, thats why was lookin forward to a good dinner. sup to meet david as well. but he had a dinner with his mum, so we went ahead first.

the pasta dish is reasonably priced, $12.90 average for each one. More exotic ones like cod roe pasta will cost abit more of cos. each pasta dish came with a side salad. I concluded that most side salads that is served in restaurants these days cant go too wrong. the one i had was quite nice, serving as a refreshing starter. I ordered the salmon with tomato basil linguini pasta. jialing had the chic mushroom creamy tomato linguini pasta. both dishes were nice! (: i went on a monday evening, and we had to wait about 15mins in queue. can so imagine what it ll be like on a weekend night. gosh.

my pasta came with chunks of salmon and tomatoes. the salmon was a tad too salty though. tasted like it was soaked in salt. eew. but the pasta itself is alright overall larh. the pasta sorta neutralised the saltiness a little.

jialing s pasta looked nice! its like tomatoish and creamy looking. really appetising. hee. i feel that this place is abit overrated with the media publishing. the variations are innovative no doubt, but i think somehow goodness will be compromised in the process. i like the decor of the place doh. really nice ambience as it overlooks the Singapore River and Clarke Quay. yarps. after dinner we went for dessert! the hokkaido ice cream. so yummy. my fav black sesame ice cream ran out. BLARHHH so i had to go with the green tea one. yarps sat by the river and jus chatted with jialing. feels good to hang out w her again! (: nice company.

thn we left to timbre to meet david! that david was late!!! by very alot lah. but since he s leaving, we forgave him. cheryl came to join us with ah cai. hee we jus chilled and listened to michaela sing. this girl s power !!! she can play and sing well at the same time. gosh. and she plays the piano by memory. -applauds- so funny.

yarps. hope david enjoyed his small lil farewell. and the songs ling and cheryl dedicated to him. all the best in manc david! (:


Sunday, September 02, 2007

nice place. kind service. good wine. great company. excellent food. that pretty much sums up the dinner i had last night. truly wunnerful! was hesitating in going for this floggers dinner. but i thot since i do read some of their blogs, it ll be cool to see em in person. heee. when i saw the notice, it was already the last day of signup. n i couldnt find anyone to go with me. so i signed up myself. hur hurs. its held at le papillon at red dot traffic building. due to traffic jam, i was a lil late but there were still empty seats around. sat next to daphne. this really cool girl who writes Kitchen Crazy Daffy. opposite me is a really frenly and nice guy called ivan. he writes Recent Runes! all these people are real passionate about food. seriously. i feel noobish beside them. hur hurs. on the other side, there is dominic and evan, these two guys who just heard about the dinner and signed up too! they dont food blog tho, but boy, their knowledge on food is gigornomous. i bet all those ppl who went ydae are about the same. they had travelled so much and ve so much knowledge about wines, different cuisines, drinks, coffee brews that i am pretty much overwhelmed by them. thn i met kelvin too. he works at haato as a chef. he will be joining shatec soonish and may well be the next jamie oliver. hahas. (: AND i also met the people behind Only Slightly Pretentious Food.they are siblings! brother and sister. both of them can cook very well! really impressed by their recipes.esp molten lava cake. hur hur hurs. its a lady killer. anws. the menu for the night was spectacular. a full 8-course French meal served in tapas size.

first up was the complimentary bread. the whole grain oatmeal bun is nice! warm and fluffy. and its good that the service staff replenishes ur buns once u finish em. freeflow of bread thru the night. quite a few varieties to choose from as well! (:

then the cold appetiser came. its hokkaido scallop carpaccio and barracuda fish mousse with miso cream. its really niceee. the scallop carpaccio is fresh and sorta melts in ur mouth. the fish mousse went well with the the miso cream and it is indeed very appetising. we ate that and drank the red wine. went pretty well! (:

after the soup, which s foie gras tortellini in jasmine tea perfumed duck consomme, the hot appetiser came. its escargot with herb-garlic butter crust on button mushroom gratinee parsley oil and arugula salad. its nice! the button mushroom absorbed the essence of the herb garlic butter and when i popped it in my mouth, i could feel the sauces explode from the mushrooms. very nicely done. people have said that u need gettin used to when it comes to eating escargot. but the way the chef did it last night, i tink i dont need it at all.

then the well acclaimed pasta came. it is the rigatoni pasta tossed in crutacean oil, tiger prawn, shaved bottarga and parmesan cheese. the crustacean oil really did the trick for the paste. it tastes different from olive oil, and it has a much richer texture to it. as some of us were saying, if angel hair pasta is used instead, it d ve been better since angel hair pasta can absorb more flavour as compared to the hollow rigatoni pasta. but the king prawn s nice. its not overcooked and it still retained its freshness thru its crunchie-ness.

the fish was next, and its is char-grilled King George Whiting Fillet with toasted mustard seeds ad saffron-tomato sauce.well that is a fish i have never tried before! (: its nice and soft, with edible bones,jus like unagi. love it. it went well with the tomato sauce as the sauce gives the fish a tinge of sourness while the fish gave out its sweetness. this is one dish i wished i had more! (:

then we had the blood orange sorbet to clear the tastes lingering in our mouths to prepare us to taste the main dish. the sorbet is a tad too sweet.but nonetheless refreshing! (: in a right portion as well.

the main dish of the night. TADA! its the slow cooked oxtail in feuille de Brik parcel with truffle butter and Jus Gras. the parcel is surprisingly crispy but a lil too oily. the oxtail is nice though! the flavor is really intense and packed within the small Brik parcel. the truffle butter went better with the oxtail as compared to the Jus Gras. this dish went excellently well with the red wine.( thanks Evan for the red and Ivan for the dessert wine ya! enjoyed it tremendously.)

last but not least. its dessert time!! french desserts are oh-so-forever good. last night s dessert was passion fruit symphony. there is the souffle, creme brulee and macaroon. of cos! they all are passion fruit flavored. the macaroon pcs are a tad too sugary for me. but the cake sandwiched inbetween is good. it is sour and sweet to the right degree. the creme brulee was not bad. but the top layer could ve been more caramelized. (: the souffle is normal as well. nothing special about it. but i really liked the sandwiched cake. hur hurs.

we took like 3 hrs plus to finish the whole 8-course dinner! gosh. thn i rushed off to meet yolks hanqin & cedric. guessed they waited for pretty long. felt q bad. sorry people! went to oosh to chill. that place s niceeee! thn we were camwhoring and jus chilling out. nice ambience! dempsey s sucha a nice hangout. but acc to some floggers, its long passe..mms i shall check out sunset way soonish! heard its good too.

alright. off to work. mumble grumble. tata

Le Papillon
28 Maxwell Road
Red Dot Traffic Building
Singapore 069120
Tel: 65.6327.4177


Saturday, September 01, 2007

was out with wong for dinner on friday.i was so zonked during class! gosh. cos of mild hangover and all. but all s good. but the thing is. i cudnt really think straight. so after class, i blindly and hilariously followed shieh yuan towards PS.when im sup to stay in sch. omg. thn i gave up and jus went to cathay starbucks to bum arnd. hur hurs. waited for wong to finish his clinc at brewerkz there and then we headed over to geylang!! justinHOW and alicia cudnt make it. oh wells. so we went to the famous beef kway teow stall. its called niu he da wang ( king of beef kway teow).

the serving for two s HUGEE. i was cravin for some coconut. so ordered their premium thai coconut. surprisingly, their coconuts surpass the dish itself. the beef kway teow smells good and all, but the taste is mediocre. i couldnt really taste the seasoning of the beef and the noodles were clump-ish. hmms. didnt really match the exhilaration that people gave when they tried it and told me about it. hahas but its NOT BADD LAA (as what we always say when sth good turns out not-so-good). the coconut s duper fresh though! the flesh is soft and cooling. very very nice. some coconuts are either too ripe or unripe, and the flesh will not be as soft.

after dinner then we headed next door! to the tauhuay stall. its called Yong He Eating House. it serves alot of authentic taiwanese cuisine. apparently they came all the way from taiwan. wong ordered the cold tauhuayzhui with the you tiao. oh myy. the youtiao s LONG. uber LONGGG. longest i ve seen. hur hurs. but i tried abit. its crunchy and not-so-oily. they also serves shaobing which is taiwanese pastry where u can choose ur filling. either meatfloss with egg or plain. yarpps. they also got those meat dumpies (xiaolongbao) as well as the oyster vermicelli, which they are famous for as well. its open 24 hrs! so its a good supper haunt.

wheee. while eating. we felt a gust of wind. and the wind carried a distinctive smell. something so familiar. so strong. so appealing. its DURIANS! without hesitation, we headed over to the stall we went the other time to eat. hur hurs. 3 for $10 durians came.

was so excited! cos i had the cravin for q some time. UNFORTUNATELY. i ve to announce that the durian season s almost over. and the durians turned out a lil soggy and tasted weird. yikesss. only 1 out of the 3 durians was passable. but its teh company that counts lar. somehow always eat good stuff w wong. hur hurs. durians are one of them!! (: kks i cant wait for the durian season to come again.. i <3>

Qiu Ji Hokkien Mee
Geylang Lor 9

Yong He Eating House
239-241 Geylang Road 67455682