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Saturday, October 20, 2007

wahh mad week s over. 2 presentations & 1 assignment. tough life we have these days. tsk tsk. sch s really getting hecticccs. eew. cant standdd. psych presentation was aights. dael did a good job doing what he had to do. hur hurs. n yarhh had a debate in class as well. its amusing to see how some ppl can get so agitated and feel so strong about their opinions that they lose control of their reflexes and eyes start rolling all over the place. hur hurs. highly entertaining. thurs was MA presentation. had a vid.wahh took dupe long to do that up. cheers to wong for the hard work. (: after that headed off to gym. haven gymmed for so longg. mmms been tinkin alot these days. keep reflecting on the facets of life. its like technology has advanced so much. communication made faster thru so many channels. yet we are becoming more distant from each other. u find urself facing ur com more than anythin else. have we forgotten the significance and basis of interpersonal relationships? i guess besides letting ourselves sink deeper into obsession with the rat race.. we gotta constantly remind ourselves of aspects deemed less important in today's society. i believe sincere and meaningful relationships are still important because that prevent us from losing that tinge of humanity in us. in secondary sch, we have our groups of frens who are always there for each other. hangin out with each other more than we hang out w our siblings. less of these can be said as we grow older. i find ppl becomin more superficial. besides achieving academic goals, it seems like we go uni to just expand our network as fast as possible. of course,im generalizing here. im sure there are many out there who disagrees with me. but i guess i just so happen to be one of the few who maybe experiencing frustration with how hectic sch is and how that caused me to forgo times when i can simply spend with my loved ones, be it frens or family.

hur hurs finally ranted.i rest my case.

AIGHTS moving to a lighter note. while filming for MA a week back or so. i ate at miss clarity's again! the first was with jialing after we mugged in sch one sunday a few weeks back. heee love spending time w that girl. (: the first time i had the squid ink seafood pasta!

it was nice! we went abit late. arnd 10ish. so the food came pretty fast. the pasta tasted yoonique. and it stains ur teeth. so girls. be sure not to order that on ur first date. hahs. thn jialing had the tomato cream softshellcrab pasta. very nice too! (: that place s becoming more pops among the working crowds at bugis, as well as its thomson branch. i guess its the bright colored decor that attracted them. its decor really puts ppl off all the stress they face at work or in sch. (: thn the 2nd time i went w my MA grp mates. david jong & wong! (: they had the set lunch while i went for the squid ink risotto. hur hur guess i wanted to try all the squid ink stuffs with ppl who didnt mind me lookin bad. HA. here it is!

the risotto s nice and chewy. and the prawns n aspartme that came with it are plentiful too. its good value for money. (: wong's red wine risotto s duper nice tooooo. can really taste the wine in it. (: not to mention, we had desserts!! had some choc lava thingy. its DUPER nice. great for those yearning for a strong sugar rush. the vanilla ice cream, together with the warmmmm fudge choc lava cake. omg. its the ultimate sinful indulgence. hur hurs.

aights off to sch for choir now. TAS!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

jingmin invited us to this party 3 thursdays ago. during midtermbreak. hur hurs. was alright. kinda boring. but with friends twas alright. we were all MASKED.


back after a few days . the mid term break s gonna end soonish. but i guess i had a yummy slice of fun!! (: kks. tues we had prac. in the morn.. thn went off to do some MA proj work at kallang way. hur hurs. kinda funn. after that went back to wong's hse to discuss abit more. thn headed off to tiff's for choir bondin session. its fun! i was like da first to reach. thn helped arnd abit w the finishin touch of tiff's uberduper delicious tiramisu. thn bummed arnd till mabs called & we went out to get some more stuff for her salad. THEN while waiting for the rest we helped with the decor of the salad. here's our master piece!!

we took painstakin effort to lay those greens out nicely ehh. (: beams. then quijun came. she brot w her a WHOLE HUGEEE tray of basil pasta. (: looked yumms. then we waited. and waited. and waited. subsequently, the rest arrived. with pizza, sushi, and chips. i didnt know what to contribute, so i bot the honey glazed whole chic fr cold storage. hur hurs. besides all we brought, tiff's home helper kindly made the baked pasta with sausages as well as a bunch of golden fried nuggets. here s our spread of food!!
kenny & the indos came eventually. the indos brot w them donuts!! while kenny shared the pizza with zhimin & co. then we started our feast.i loved quijun's pasta. really yummy. would ve been perfect if it was warmer. but nonetheless its thumbs up. i loved the chic too. tho its bot n not home made, i tot it tasted really nicee. after some tummy packin dinner.. we decided to play some games. started w cranium!! (never did move on to other games after that). its duper fun! in the midst of if we had tiramisu!!it was realllyyyyyy good. the cake was moist while the alcohol was not overpowering.

there were like 4 kinds of games to be played. creative cat, star performer, word worm or brain teaser ( if i dont rem wrongly). very funn. see how everyone made a fool of themselves. sorry to tiff's family for our uncontrollable rowdiness!! (: they were very tolerant & kind. i mean REALLY tolerant. ha.thn donuts were shared. then her helper made strawberry heart! (: some three-layer dessert.(strawberri jello.marshmallow creme.digestive biscuit base) very niceee!! acc to quijun. they sell that very ex outside. sooo...i plan to learn from tiff's helper very soonns. HEEafter games, ppl started leaving. but aaron was still on his way. so a few of us stayed behind for a while more and jus toked cock for the next 2 hrs or so. hur hurs. was q an eventful night i must say. thanks tiff for hosting! (:


Saturday, October 06, 2007

met up with joyce sometime the week before last. (: its a saturday i rem vividlyyyy. cos its my first performance with 11th hour! 11th hour s mabel's jamming band, with other smoo people. (: duper cool. she needed a backup vocal. so asked me to help. which i find an honor! (: its for the substation birthday celebration. we sang mainstream songs. like california, walking on sunshine, suddenly i see (OST from devil wears prada), collide, big girls dont cry, and i will survive. really cool beans! (:

11th hour! from left: greg, david, zach, jinsheng, mabel & me! (:

then i actually sprained some muscle between my ribs. quite bad. but thank GOD He helped me through. then after performance didnt noe what to do. then joyce dear asked me out! (: of cos more than happy to meet her. met her at 7-ish at raffles city. wasnt really feeling that well. so ate at soup spoon! (: my fav comfort food on SICK DAYS. hur hur. their soups re jus so yummy. and the bread rolls that come w them re still warm. their business has been brisk over the past few years that they ve opened up a few branches. One at paragon, one at raffles city, and one at raffles place. damn happy to see joyce larh. haven seen her in ages. was her mid term break. thn she updated me bout her all-time interesting stories. HEE. i told her some of mine too of cos.

my pumpkin soup! my favouritest. alot of ppl hate it. but i find it niceeee. i love their bread rolls larh. and i tink their portions re just nice. BEAMS.

both of us ordered the set. i ordered the mango chicken wrap. the wrap s alrighttt. i suspect they re all prepacked. they dont taste THAT fresh.well well. jus a hunch. (:

and here's joyce with her food! -hug

after dinner, decided to walk around bugis. we walked all the way to bugis to shop arnd a lil. bot a few tops! (: real good deals there. hur hurs. thn we walked past a chinese dessert stall. called ji-de-chi (remember-to-eat in direct translation). i had the almond paste with ONE rice ball. not two but ONE. hahas its niceee! thn joyce had the mango one. too bad the food smelt too good. so i forgot to take photos of em.thn we continued to walk walk walk. until yiwei called and asked us to join him to chill. we went to loof! at odeon towers. really nice place. airy, relaxing. really appealing concepts. had a few drinks. thn talked cock larh. thn headed to labyrinth. cos i insisted that its a lupsap place. but yiwei insists otherwise. hur hurs. FINE i was proven wrong larh. oh wells. but still. bad impression of that place. dont ask why.

but great company that night!! (:
Soup Spoon Restaurant
Raffles City
Basement 1

oh myyyy haven updated in ages!! -clears up dust in the air- its been so long since i got the time to do this. hahas just finished my last mid term paper! now wad s left is a research paper due on monday. HANG IN THERE shun. hahas but overall i feeel duper relieved. -beams anws amidst the busy muggin.. i still SOMETIMES fork out time for nice food yarh.

one fateful sunday. four good friends decided to be smuggers and head to a snug little GSR at SESS for an afternoon of muggin. these four friends are not to be named. they mugged till the skies were dark and loomy, and decided to brave the drizzling rain to hunt for vietnamese food.viet food is two of the four's favorite cuisine. lucky for one smart smugger who drove, the four did not go under the rain for long. they zapped quickly to a nice little cosy restaurant along killiney road. its brightly lit, with a warm homely aura. they were at Orange Lantern! they ate their favorite pho and noods. drank up nice hot viet drip coffee.
they ordered the well-acclaimed hse specialty: viet fried spring rolls.

they thot the dish was quite yuumms. esp with the sweet & sour chilli accompanying sauce.
THEN two brave souls amidst them decided to be adventurous and ordered the fried sesame crabcake. it was NOT BAD.but a little lacking in the "crabcake" part. hur hurs. they could barely taste crap....oh i mean "crab". then they moved on to their main dishes which came subsequently.

they were hungry souls by then, and totally dug in their dishes before any photos could be taken. what remains is jus one more item to conquer: the famous viet drip coffee. unfortunately. one nice girl among them s caffeine intolerant. so she couldnt taste it. ):

they think orange lantern is still a nice restaurant that sells viet food at reasonable prices. they may just come back anytime soon!! oh here s a peekture they left behind by mistake. (:

The Orange Lantern
Vietnamese Restaurant
73 Killiney Road
Tel: 67328032