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Saturday, November 03, 2007

ydae was a super good fridayy!!! i shopped so much. hur hurs. retail therapy s realllyyyyyyy good. my gosh. shopped like MAD.first up. when i opened the exit of SESS leadin to mr bean. there was this huge mess of stalls having a flea market. omg. jus rummaged thru the crowds to shop. very nice vintage tees. hahas tho i know they re fr bugis. sellin for 11bucks but alright laa. i love em. so jus bot a few while waiting for wong. thn wong came. unfortunately didnt see anythin he fancied. so me him eugene went off to queensway to shop. joan was at facial so eugene was sorta left w nth to do also. n he needed berms. soooo we went shoppingg!! at first i tot queensway wudnt ve much of my stuff. boy i was wrongggg. i bot 2 pairs of jeans. 29.90each!! thn a dress. 2 pairs of earrings. that s about it. very happy. loved my buys. joan came after her facial. she bot a dress too! (: LBD. sexayyye. anws. wong & eugene bot shirts and berms lar. yay. thn after shopping. eugene went home for dins. while we sent joan to town so she could go meet edmund & janice. yapps. thn me & wong headed off to meet justin. thn off we were to dempsey! justin havent been there before. so twas a greattt chance to show him dah place. i made reservations at barracks. this place slo recommended. (: thanks babe!! it was a greattt choice.

the menu s creatively decorated with soldiers and mess tins were used to contain utensils.. CUTE. thn we made our orders. i had the perfumed chicken breast roulade.

it was great! tho it doesnt look amazingly appealing. i assure u the taste s great. esp those golden raisins on top of the chicken slab. the chicken breast could be better though. i found it abit tough to chew. n there could ve been more carrot mash. couldnt taste much of it at all.

wong had the bay prawns capellini.its basically succulent prawns on a bed of angel hair pasta.with microherbs sprinkled all over.topped with cheese shavings. it tasted good too!!

the angel hair pasta s nice. tho wong tinks it taste like bee hoon. i think it really soaks up the flavor of the dried chilli and microherbs effectively to give us wholesome flavors w each mouthful.

aights justin had the cod fish & chips!

the chips were good acc to them. i find the cod fish niceee! its like the LV of fish&chips. hur hurs. i couldnt taste the beer batter though. could ve been stronger. yarps. that ended our entrees. we were so full thn. so decided to share a dessert. had the barracks BIG strawberry shortcake. they emphasised that its the best. indeed it was!! but it wasnt BIG at ALL. hur hurs. but since we were full anyway, it was alright.

the shortcake s served warm in a small mess tin. there s condense milk concentrates at the bottom if im not wrong. the shortcake is slightly crusty at the top while there are layers of strawberry flesh in the middle layers and they re warm! (: real nice.

after dinner we wanted durians from the dempsey uncle. BUTTT so sad. his durians were sold out!! gosh. so headed to hougang area for some kickass durian. NOT. got ripped off instead. OH WELLS. we shall try better luck next time in geylang. these durian uncles shud be friendlier with their prices!!! -glares-

omg updated a tonne today. hahas till the next time. enjoy!! (:

hur hurs. wong.justin.shun@dempsey! (:

Barracks@ House
8D Dempsey Road
Tel: 6479 0070


met up with jerome last mon. (: its been ages since i saw him. he jus came back from taipei! some army trg. hur hurs. was feelin kinda down those days. good thing jerome sorta cheered me up la. hahas had sillly funn. like ordering something totally not on the menu n shocked the popcorn server at the counter. HAHA. kinda reminds me of the times i had w my best fren. we were always jus fooling arnd. being happy everywhere we go. hur hurs.

aights so it was dinner + movie. hahs i really was feelin rather sad. thn jerome msged in the nick of time to ask me out on a monday. which s good. kick away the mon blues that struck me. hur hurs. i wanted to try marmalade pantry @ palais rennaisance. so we bot tics for mr woodcock thn headed there. hahas dont ask me why mr woodcock. but i jus needed that boost of mindless laughs. (:

headed to marmalade pantry. it was like EMPTY. shockingggg. i tot it s closed lahh. apparently not. its jus that ppl dont usually dine there on a mon evening. hur hurs. which s good la. sorta had the whole place to ourselves. jerome conveniently said he booked the place. LIKE REAL. but yarh. the place s nice. like super chill for a sunday brunch or a weekday afternoon tea. (: i ordered the grilled pesto chicken wholemeal wrap with oven roasted butternut & tomato ($17)

its nice! the wrap is nicely toasted on a grill and the butternut's sweetness matched the savoury chicken nicely. jerome had the pan roasted beef tenderloin with thyme & garlic crust charred fennel ($27)

he let me try some. its nicee!! the portion s abit small for its price though. but the thyme matched the meat loaf very well. yumms. in the midst we were jus catchin up n all. bout his adventures in the wild. n my adventures in the drivin-me-crazy concrete envt of SMU. thn we ordered desserts! here their famous sticky date toffee pudding! ($10)

its warm and nicee! some ppl may not like it. but those who can take the taste of dates will love this. its warm and when paired with the chilled vanilla ice cream, it just leaves u cravin for more. besides that, we also had the homemade lemon tart with wild berries & raspberry coulis ($10). its duper niceeee. i loveeee the tangy zest of the lemon custard. really very nice. if i were to choose btw the two. i d go for the latter. hur hurs. no qualms bout that. aights. that ended our dinner.

headed off to watch mr woodcock. hahas its q a nice show lar. for those looking for mindless humor. u can really laugh q abit there. yarpps. cheers to the lemon tarted days to come!!

Marmalade Pantry

Unit B1-08 to 11
Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road
Singapore 238871
telephone 6734 2700

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peektures from that night which i briefly went back sch for.


was invited to bondue appreciation dinner at rain@dempsey. nice place! good chillout n all. food wasnt fantastic but company was funn. the prog was kinda dull tho. but yarh it was okay in general. here are the peekturess!

congrats to the new bondue comm members! wenkai jithan june kenneth zhengchang alvin iris huimin melvin bena robin charmaine. bring bondue to greater hts!

oh myyy. im feeling so sleeepy. i lack sleep. seriously. i tink i shall hibernate for 2 wholl days or sth to regain my vigor backkk. RAWR. its been so longgg since i blogged. hurs. my daddy finally cameee!! like about 2 weeks back. thn this coming mon he s leaving again. MY MY time flies.
ANWS. yarpps spent q abit of time with him. could ve been more though. if not for sch n schh n SCHOOL. darn. anws. mum went back indo for cous's wedding a week back. so those few days dad was all alone. yarpps. decided to spend more time w him. arranged for dinner at our fav jap restaurant. Sun with moon jap restaurant @ wheelock. (:

im happy to say that im outta the oh-the-days-re-just-so-blue-and-meaningless period. whee. like i sorta found some directions in life. know where to move on and stuff. learn not to be so grumpalumps. make more effort to meet up with frens. take time off for myself. stuff lidat. (: grateful for all the frens out there who mean so much to me. yarpps.

aights. so me daddy & wilson headed to wheelock for dinner last fri night. that restaurant dont take reservations, so we tot it d be good to head down say 745 n hopefully get a table. oh boy we were so wronggg. the place was packed to the brim with a line of waiting patrons. we waited..and waited...and insisted on stayin put outside the restaurant instead of walkin arnd wheelock like the other do. (we thot by doing that the manager may jus pity us and let us in..unfortunately NOT) thn after a WHOLE 45 mins, we got our table. hur hurs. they ve got the hokkaido specialties from Japan! some real yummy deals.

first up we had the hokkaido sushi roll; sushi roll with soft shell hokkaido crab inside dipped in mayo and veggs bits. it was really substantial and wholesome. (: the crab tasted fresh.

then we had the sashimi platter of 5 kinds. the scallop, salmon, mackerel, tuna, and prawn. i love the sashimi over there because they are forever so fresh! and u can tell they dont scrimp on quality at all.

after the raw stuff, we had semi-raw stuffs. hur hurs. we ordered the half cooked fish sushi. it tasted really interesting. the outer layer is cooked fish, while on the second bite, u get a mixture of both. real cool deal.

of cos, whats jap food without some umeshu eh. the umeshu at sun with moon is fabs. love the sweetness paired with those savoury bites. its these joyous moments of having good food with good company that makes life wonderful. -beamms-

next up was the tender pork slices. these slices are from the cheeks of those piggies. hur hurs. very tender and juicy. i suppose they didnt use much oil to cook this. basically they allow the oil from the pieces to ooze out and cook the meat in return. drizzled with black pepper bits, the hearty dish is a must-try.

thn we ordered the pot rice to share. 2 for 3 pax. i chose the seafood while wilson had the unagi one. really good. but the portions used to be more substantial. they were more generous with the ingredients in the past. now they scrimped on the no. of fish pieces or scallops or prawns. OH WELLS.

after those savoury items, desserts of cos must come! (: those desserts at sunwithmoon somehow always gets on me. im like tempted to try everything. oh wells. i had the green tea parfait in the end. something that i really like but always cannot finish. but i was feeling hungry that night larh. so had the whole thing to myself. -beams- its real good!! its a scoop of green tea icecream topped with a waffle pc lying on top of a bed of jellies, rice balls, cornflakes, syrups, and more cornflakes. dad got the black sesame puddin while wilson had the oh-so-boring green tea icecream. HA

-rubs my tummy-. a really satisfying dinner. after dinner i headed back sch to meet wong chowzer & mervyn for some red bull party org by bizcom. hur hurs. was alright la. q cool. they got a DJ from zouk to spin! (: stayed there for abit. met lings, tarn, lester, melvin n etc etc. but none of em were dressed up for halloween tho. but jerry was! he was peter pan. thn russell was the evil capt in pirates. thn zhicong was some taoist priest. ahhas i wanna dress up for halloween next year. its so funnn!! thn go trick or treat. (:

aights. all these shall remain as PLANS-i-really-wanna-realise as compared to plans-im-not-sure-of. ahhhhh.

Sun with Moon Japanese Fine Dining
Wheelock Place
Orchard Road(S)238880